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Video Editing and 3D

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My main tools when I create videos


Motion Graphics, Color Correction
and Post-Production

Cinema 4d

3D Animation, Modeling, Texturing
and Advanced FX

Premiere pro

Simple editing and montage

3ds max

3D Animation, Modeling

Video montage


Premiere Pro | After Effects | 3Ds Max - 2014

During my time at the university, I produced a video for an audiovisual competition. The video revolved around a motivational theme and featured extreme sports. To enhance the inspirational atmosphere, I selected music that added an epic touch, and the visuals and pacing of the video were synchronized to convey this emotion.

To create the video, I incorporated 3D text elements using 3Ds Max, which were then tracked and integrated using After Effects. While my proficiency in 3D animation, filming, and editing was still developing, I managed to secure victory in the competition.


Premiere Pro | After Effects | Cinema 4D - 2016

This is the final project of my university studies. I created a video with a similar idea than previous one, incorporating significant enhancements to achieve a more professional outcome. Like the previous project, it too conveys a motivational message but it centers around personal development.

In this instance, I aimed to tell a story involving three characters, each grappling with distinct frustrations as they pursued their goals. To achieve this, I devoted substantial effort to refining the script and creating a detailed storyboard, which I followed meticulously. Unlike the «Dreams» project, here, I significantly improved the video production quality by utilizing drones and other recording devices.

Additionally, I introduced 3D elements, such as a prosthetic hand for one of the characters, tracked and integrated using After Effects.


After Effects - 2020

While I was a student at SAE in Amsterdam, we organized a music event that required promotion on social media. I took on the task of producing a video for this promotion, and I kept it simple by recording the SAE studios using my smartphone. Subsequently, I used After Effects for the video editing process.


After Effects | Ilustrator - 2021

In response to the COVID pandemic, Noizephere, a producer specializing in hard dance music, decided to share his music production process by live streaming on Twitch. The video was created as an introduction to his inaugural streaming session. The video was also presented on social media with a vertical version of it.


After Effects | Cinema 4D - 2021

Disnoktia is a DJ who was interested in having animated versions of his logo displayed on the background screens during his performances. To fulfill this request, I crafted three distinct animations using a combination of Cinema 4D and After Effects.


After Effects | Ilustrator - 2021/2023

With each new music track released by Noizephere, I undertook the task of creating video content for various social media platforms and for any corresponding YouTube videos that accompanied these tracks, with self made material.



After Effects | Cinema 4D - 2016

Throughout my time in university, every assignment and project I worked on was centered around the name «FONRO.» As I delved into my studies, I explored a variety of animation techniques, including physics simulations, lighting effects, texture application, texture-based lighting, hair simulations, and motion tracking, all applied to manipulate and animate the «FONRO» text in different ways.


Cinema 4D - 2016

As I approached the end of my academic journey, I recreated a 3D animation already existent named «FREEDOM» to demonstrate my expertise. In this endeavor, I skillfully applied physics to animate an object that could fracture into a multitude of pieces. Additionally, I employed cloth simulation techniques to achieve the desired dynamic and fluid movement in the animation.


Cinema 4D - 2017

To showcase my proficiency in 3D modeling, I meticulously recreated my room, including all the objects that were present at the time. About 80% of the items within the room were entirely crafted by me from the ground up. The remaining objects were pre-made 3D models to fill the shelf and ensure the completeness of the overall scene.


I designed the Assets for the Noizephere Twitch Channel. The alerts appear on the screen when a user takes actions like following the channel, making a donation, or subscribing. Each of these animations comes in three variations, which are distinguished by different colors based on the user’s level of support.


Cinema 4D | Photoshop - 2020

I collaborated with Iberomark, a company specializing in laser marking, to craft specific models for one of their clients. I meticulously designed these models, ensuring they were accurate in terms of scale, depth, texture, and color, aiming to closely resemble the actual results that would be achieved through the laser marking process.



3Ds max | Unity | C# | Ilustrator | Photoshop - 2015

As an additional project in my portfolio, I teamed up with two colleagues to create a video game entirely from the ground up. Our collaborative efforts encompassed character creation, animations, texturing, lighting, programming, designing menus, and essentially developing all the necessary elements for a complete video game experience.

The game itself revolves around a ninja who must navigate swiftly, sliding to reach the finish line within a predefined time limit. Failing to reach the finish line in time results in the ninja’s demise. However, the game features differently colored diamonds that can add time to the countdown, each color providing more or fewer seconds.

Adding to the challenge, three distinct villains actively seek to eliminate the ninja. One launches a homing missile that pursues the ninja, another shoots a laser barrier that the ninja can’t cross, and the third villain relentlessly pursues the ninja. The interaction between these characters was also carefully designed, such as the laser confusing the other villains, or the missile eliminating the pursuing villain and rewarding the player with a time-boosting diamond.



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