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Music Production

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Ableton Live

Audio Process, Music Composition
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In this five years working in music production, I was involved in various projects where I incorporated orchestral elements to infuse a sense of grandeur into the compositions I created and produced. These orchestra previews are actually excerpts from larger electronic music projects.

That's Life


In the case of «That’s Life,» I aimed to convey a somber atmosphere that reflects the challenges and hardships of life while also inspiring the listener to overcome them

Myhical Reality


In the composition «Mythical Reality,» my intention was to create a gradual build-up of emotions that conveys a sense of mysticism and serenity, while also infusing an epic and gratifying feeling at the same time.

become Reality


In «Become Reality,» I crafted an atmosphere that conveys the sensation of happiness intensifying to the point where it feels as though this emotion is overflowing and no longer contained within you.



In «Mysteries,» the mood it conveys appears to be akin to an internal struggle. It encapsulates a sense of unresolved personal issues, a strong desire for resolution, something hidden from the outside world but deeply present within.



In the track «Saved,» it captures the essence of recognizing a deep problem that has been successfully resolved. It’s that moment when a deep sense of gratitude and happiness washes over you, leading to a state of relaxation and profound satisfaction.

Not a jail


The «Not a Jail» project centers around the idea of freedom and the relentless struggle to attain it. It’s an exploration of the revelation that everything in life becomes incredible once you gain the right perspective.

The afterlife


«In «The Afterlife,» my aim was to create a dark atmosphere that evokes the sensation of being an overwhelmingly self-assured antagonist who possesses the power to shape their destiny as they see fit.

Electronic Music

As mentioned earlier, these orchestral elements are integral components of larger electronic music projects. In addition to composing orchestral pieces, I possess strong abilities in synthesizers and samples manipulation, vocals, sound design, and the art of mixing. I’ve produced a substantial amount of music in one of the most challenging music genres out there.

For professional reasons, I will not showcase entire tracks, but I’m happy to provide previews that offer a glimpse of my skills in synthesizer-based music production and sound management.

The Only words
I speak


«The only words I speak» is a melancholic song that encapsulates a sense of desperation, a deep yearning to be truly understood.



Within the composition «Thanks,» it explores the act of acknowledging a reality, the intense emotions it stirs, and the determination to move forward in life, transcending any challenges or setbacks that may have occurred.

Through my eyes


«Through my eyes» is a cheerful and enthusiastic expression of the incredible beauty of life when viewed through the right perspective.

The Black Hole


«The Black Hole» communicates the immense power and force of the space concept, which metaphorically reflects life and one’s self, presenting it with a dynamic and intense energy.


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